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For Students

BYU Affordability is dedicated to helping provide a rewarding and financially attainable education.


Free Available Supplementary Resources

  • Khan Academy - Videos and lessons by topic
  • Openstax - Full free online textbooks covering over 40 subjects including Calculus 1 & 2, Accounting, Chemistry
  • Open Textbook Library - Textbook search engine by the University of Minnesota
  • Merlot - Simulations, Interactive Visualizations, Textbooks and more
  • Open Yale Courses - Video lectures and practice exams covering over 20 subjects
  • MIT Open Courseware - Full MIT course content. Videos, practice exams, and more
  • OER Commons - Search for individual topics that indexes all possible Open educational resources
  • EdTech Books - Compiled by BYU faculty members.

More about Open Educational Resources

Open educational resources (OER) are materials available online that can be accessed for free from anywhere. Educators have the ability to adapt and create new materials based on their learning objectives. OER is changing how education is administered to everyone. The more OERs are used, the less expensive textbooks are for everyone. Many top universities including Harvard, Yale, UC Berkeley, and Stanford have already adopted OERs and are the leaders of the pack. BYU students have entered to learn, OERs help them go forth to serve the world.

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