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Current Courses

Below is a table of current courses that use free or otherwise reduced cost textbooks.

Course NumberCourse InstructorCourse NameOld CostNew Cost
CE En 270Norm JonesComputer Methods$23$0
Chem 105Matt AsplundGeneral College Chemistry 1$220$68/Semester
Chem 106Matt AsplundGeneral College Chemistry 2$220$68/semester
CS 462Phil WindleyLarge Scale Distributed Systems$170$0
ELANG 495RChris RogersThe Senior Course$200$0
ENGL 315Cristie Cowles CharlesWiritng in the Social Sciences$120$0
EXSC 362Iain HunterBiomechanics$120$25
IPT 520Rick WestFoundations of Instructional Technology$75$0
LING 495Chris RogersSenior Capstone$200$0
LING 580RChris RogersProblems in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics$200$0
M COM 320Kurt SandholtzCommunication in Organizational Settings$25$0
PSYCH 111Mikle SouthPsychological Science$160$0
REL C 324Bryce TaylorDoctrine and Covenants 1$75$0

*If there are any inaccuracies or courses that are missing from the list, please let us know!