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Quick Start

Adopt: Using a pre-created and evaluated resource for course materials
Adapt: Combining a variety of open sources to create the perfect text

4-Step Quick Start:

Step 1: Find an open textbook or other resource

There are many ways to reduce course materials costs by negotiating prices with the publisher

Step 2: Review and select an open resource

Use any of these guides to evaluate the quality of the material you've chosen:

Step 3: Customize you material to fit course learning objectives (If necessary)

The options are limitless when it comes to adopting OER. No single textbook will likely fill all of the course objectives, so customization may be needed.

Consider the following as you seek for ways to modify the materials:

  • Add test bank, hyperlinks and glossary
  • Collaborate materials from two or more OER
  • Rearrange the chapters and content
  • Add accessibility for students with visual impairments

Step 4: Share your textbook with your students

This is open to faculty's decision. Some previous examples include:

  • Email link to pdf
  • Include pdf on BYU Learningsuite or Canvas
  • Consider hosting the open content in EdTechBooks
  • Post a website (
  • Have textbook printed at BYU Print and Mail

Meet with us

There are many ways to make your course more affordable for students. Affordable Course Materials are easily implemented into any course! BYU library staff members are here and happy to meet with you begin this process and answer any questions along the way.

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