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University Students Saved $177 Million in 2018 by Using OpenStax.

Universities around the country are utilizing the OpenStax open educational resources. Schools are saving students millions every year and students are enjoying the benefits.

Every year since it's inception, OpenStax has saved students money by creating and publishing open textbooks free to its website. In 2018, they again set records for the total money saved at $177 million. Many universities have taken a much more active approach to saving their students money. OpenStax has played a major part in saving students money by offering their open textbooks for free. University of Georgia is among the leaders in adopting OpenStax materials where they have taken a top down approach to help their students save money. Over 40,000 students took a course that included an open textbook through OpenStax and they plan on having even more next year. Salt Lake Community College is also among the leaders in affordability having over 40,000 students using open textbooks.

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