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How Merger of Two Textbook Giants Could Impact Course Materials

McGraw-Hill and Cengage hope to move forward with a 100% subscription based business model which would mean no more options for students to find more affordable options on their own.

Two of the five largest textbook publishers have decided to Merge. McGraw Hill and Cengage are moving forward in a business strategy which includes moving to subscription based service. Some universities are trying out an opt-out service that will add the cost of a subscription into the students tuition automatically.

Students and professors at UNC Chapel Hill (where it was announced they would adopt such a program) have opposed this movement. They say it shuts down any way for students to find more affordable options through used or shared textbooks.

Currently, students can buy a 2 year subscription to Cengage unlimited for $239.99, which includes access to all of their online textbooks. McGraw Hill and Cengage spokesmen claim that these subscription based services will save students money.

Jeffrey R. Young

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